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Baja California is a state located in Mexico, it is famous for its beaches, gastronomy, and unique natural attractions. It borders north with California and to the south with Baja California Sur. Each Baja California city is amazing with important geographical differences. Rosarito Beach is oceanfront, not only preferred by surfers who seek good wave breaks and baby boomers looking to retire to an affordable beachfront setting but it’s also host to large galleries, furniture artisans, and seafood like the Puerto Nuevo lobster.

Mexicali is mainly a desert with calm beaches in San Felipe and high yearly temperatures. Ensenada is famous for its large marina, seafood, and points of interest like the Guadalupe Valley and La Bufadora.

Everywhere you go you will find adventure, fun, and lots of things to do and taste!

Baja California Cities
Rosarito Beach
The city of Rosarito Beach belongs to the state of Baja California in the Northern part of Mexico, just 18 miles south of Tijuana. Rosarito is the newest city in Baja California. Born to a municipality in 1995 with the help of wise visionaries like Hugo Torres Chabert (current city Major), who foresaw and promoted the potential gains as an independent city. Rosarito then became the fastest-growing entity not only in Baja California but in México as well.
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With a territory extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez, a wide variety of natural attractions covering a landscape that includes beaches, deserts, valleys, and mountain ranges, the most varied micro climates in northern Baja, a historical heritage found in its buildings, missions, and caves, not to mention Mexico’s known friendly atmosphere, Ensenada has a lot to offer. Whether you are an outdoor type, a water sports fan, a wine enthusiast, a nature lover, a sailor, or just into history, Ensenada has just the place for you.
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Mexicali is the capital city of the Mexican State of Northern Baja California, it is the northmost city in Latin America, located on the northwest side of Mexico (32° 40´ North – 115° 28´ West), and it borders north with Calexico, California, USA. The city is called “the city that captured the sun” due to the high temperatures that every year reach 50°C (around 122 °F) during the summer.
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The municipality of Tecate is part of the Estate of Baja California in Mexico. According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Información e Informática, INEGI (National Institute of Statistics, Information, and Informatics), in the 2005 census it had a population of 91,021. It borders south with the municipality of Ensenada, to the east with the municipality of Mexicali, and to the west with the municipality of Tijuana. These three borders are within the Mexican Estate of Baja California. To the north, it borders with the U.S.
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Tijuana is the most heavily populated city in the state of Baja California. It is known in many places as the Mexican corner or the door to Mexico and to Latin America. It is found at 32° 31′ 30″ Northern latitude and at 117° West latitude. Its northern boundary stretches through 26.4 miles with San Diego County (California), to the south it borders the cities of Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, Tecate in the east, and to the West with the Pacific Ocean.
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San Felipe
San Felipe is a port of the Mexicali municipality in Baja California, Mexico. It is localized within the 31º01’39” N and the 114º50’07” W coordinates. It’s mostly known for being a tourist destination due to the warm beaches of el Mar De Cortez. Its population, according to the 2005 census, stands at 14,831.
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