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A residential resort located between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, with private access to the popular surf spot at Baja K38 (km 38).

Club Marena has been around since 1990, with initially a few villas, it success has been such that the developer has made 4 expansions in the past 18 years, making it a great Baja real estate investment. Apart from the villas, the resort now includes 5 towers, the newest of these being the Punta Marena Complex, which was just completed this, past year. Whether in the villas or the towers, you get a breathtaking view of the ocean that you just have to see to believe.

This Baja community has been a choice residence of celebrities such as Russell Crowe, Bono, and U2, Dean Cain, Samuel L. Jackson, James Cameron among others; whether for a short vacation or while working in Baja’s Fox Studios. With Club Marena’s security, ambiance, luxury, and amenities it’s no wonder why.

While inside this gated community, you can enjoy a game of tennis with your friends and neighbors or an afternoon in the clubhouse, take a swim or warm up in the jacuzzi whenever the weather gets cold, keep fit or start exercising in the fitness center, if you like a thrill, just walk down to the private access beach for a little surfing. You can also take a look out your window from January to March and probably be able to spot the Gray Whales on their annual migration.

If you want to step outside of this relaxing environment and have no idea what to do, consider this, You’re in Baja there is so much to do and see.

Club Marena is just a short drive from the famous Puerto Nuevo Lobster, or drive a few more minutes north to downtown Rosarito where you will probably be able to find what you are craving, from traditional Mexican to Italian, French, or maybe some Mexican style tacos, you can even get a big mac, a whopper or a subway sandwich if you really miss them. If you prefer to drive south to Ensenada you have even more dining choices starting with their famous fish tacos.

If you like golf you have Bajamar’s Golf course close by, You can also visit Real del Mar and the Tijuana Country Club to the north in Tijuana and Baja Country Club just south of Ensenada. There are so many great surf spots along the coast where you can ride the waves on un-crowded beaches. Take your pick of the Pacific or the Sea of Cortez to go fishing, or just go sailing.

If you like the outdoors, Baja has 2 national parks where you can camp out, go hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, and I can’t forget to mention Guadalupe Valley for all you wine lovers or the Mission Rout for all you who enjoy a little bit of history.