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Why should I use an exclusive Agent?

There are a number of reasons that a client benefits from retaining an exclusive Baja real estate agent:

  • Objectivity. A client needs one objective opinion on all alternatives, not multiple, potentially self-serving points of view.
  • Accountability. An exclusive agent is directly accountable to its client. A client cannot expect responsiveness, dedication, and accountability from a non-exclusive agent.
  • Efficiency. An effective exclusive agent provides the client with one point of interface. An exclusive agent does all the work involved in a relocation project only involving the client in the decision making. Without an exclusive agency agreement, the client is forced to screen a multitude of broker and ownership calls and proposals.
  • Added Value at No Cost. The real estate broker will typically be compensated by building ownership in the form of a standard commission included in the ownership’s operating budget and the developer’s pro forma.
  • Broker Selection. The client should select a competent real estate professional prior to relocation prior to the relocation project. Using an exclusive agent allows a client to select and retain what he feels to be the best professional available. Without an exclusive agent, a tenant can find himself using a broker merely because he was the first to bring some space to a client’s attention, and not on the basis of a broker’s experience and professionalism.
  • Minimizes Legal Entanglements. If a client elects to work with multiple brokers, that client is more vulnerable to legal conflicts resulting from improper registration with various brokers, buildings, and building ownerships.
  • Comprehensive Expertise. A professional broker’s varied experience is a critical factor in assuring its client that the best property will be selected and the best transaction terms will be negotiated.
  • Indicates Serious Client Prospects. Hiring an agent on an exclusive basis will indicate to developers and the brokerage community that a client is a serious prospect.
  • Extensive Industry Contacts. A good real estate agent will have extensive contacts with the development and brokerage communities.
  • Creative Solutions. An effective agent will generate creative financial and qualitative solutions for his client.
  • Negotiating Experience. The experience of a real estate broker in negotiating a sale will result in obtaining better terms and conditions for his client.
  • Selection and Coordination of construction and Design Firms. An exclusive agent can assist the client in the selection and coordination of construction and design firms.