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History proves, and money managers agree, that investing in real estate offers protection against financial volatility.

investing in real estate
investing in real estate

The recent failure of two US banks proves that investing excess cash in Real Estate is the best way to safeguard your wealth. While real estate values may go up or down, the physical asset themselves don’t just evaporate. Until last week, many of us didn’t know FDIC’s insurance is capped at $250,000. The need to find better ways to protect our assets is evident.

Mexico could be the answer. A report by Mexico’s Federal Mortgage Society (SHF) shows that housing prices in Baja, California, steadily appreciated from 2015 to 2021. The price index for housing in Baja went from 51 to almost 136 points in seven years. With low yearly ownership prices compared to the US, owning a slice of Baja Real Estate may be the best place to bank your money.

Max Katz, President of Baja Beachside Realty, faced a fivefold increase in inquiries from Americans last week. Most were potential customers, asking about the cost of properties and living in Mexico. Though Americans cannot easily obtain loans in Mexico, property is much more affordable than in the US. Many Americans purchase their homes in Mexico by tapping into their 401 (k)s or the equity from their US homes. Besides the security of owning physical assets, there’s much joy to be had at a beachfront property in Rosarito -starting at the high $200,000s.

PRO TIP: Ask us about inheritance laws in Mexico!

The average yearly cost of ownership in Rosarito is as low as 6000 a year, including:

  • HOA Fees
  • Property Tax
  • Home Insurance

History proves, and money managers agree, investing excess cash in Real Estate is a safer strategy. It is also more fun.


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Medical tourism in Tijuana, Mexico, has long been popular for Americans seeking affordable healthcare. But for many Americans, what starts as a sporadic visit, turns into a reason to move to Mexico for good.

Medical Tourism in Mexico
Medical Tourism in Mexico

Many Americans opting for routine medical care in Tijuana, end up buying properties in the coastal town of Rosarito. Tijuana is located just south of the US-Mexico border and is easily accessible by road or air. The city has several top-rated private hospitals and clinics that offer a wide range of medical services at a fraction of the cost of similar procedures in the United States. Rosarito is 30 minutes south of Tijuana, and is famous for its spectacular ocean views and seafood.

“Americans who live here see local doctors in Rosarito for routine checkups, and dentists for everything from cleanings to dental implants,” says Max Katz, President of Beachside Realty Group. “They pay a third of what they would in the US for medical and dental care.” Jonathan Harris, an American living in Rosarito, recently had a hip replacement in Tijuana for $12,000, including the hospital stay. “I was able to pick the doctor I wanted and ended up paying less than my deductible for my US insurance,” says Harris.

Here are some of the reasons that have driven the trend of Americans moving to Rosarito for medical care:

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The best-kept secret of affordable retirement lies abroad. Make it happen!

Americans seeking retirement usually turn to a couple of popular destinations within the U.S. But the best-kept secret for affordable retirement lies abroad. Rosarito, Baja California, known for its beautiful beaches, coastal climate, and unbelievable cuisine, has become one of the most popular destinations for retirees in the past decade. With some planning, this magical city can stretch your money further than any in the U.S.

How Americans Can Retire in Baja
How Americans Can Retire in Baja

Rosarito’s vibrant culture has attracted a large community of Americans looking to retire. Due to its proximity to the U.S. border—a short 40-minute drive—it is easy to visit the U.S. and stay connected with loved ones.

The Rosarito beaches are among some of the most beautiful in all of Mexico, showcasing the vast blue Pacific Ocean. Almost perfect weather that rarely drops below 50 degrees makes it a vacation or retirement spot you can call home. Rosarito and Ensenada are known worldwide for having some of the most spectacular fresh seafood, including local lobster, shrimp, and fish. And by driving 30 minutes East, you’ll find the Valle de Guadalupe with its world-class wineries and Michelin-star restaurants

It’s hard to resist this beach lifestyle, but many don’t realize how much more Rosarito offers. Due to foreign exchange rates, retirees live comfortably in Rosarito for as little as $2,500 per month. Food and other essential needs are drastically less expensive than in the U.S. This has allowed many Americans to enjoy the Mexican lifestyle.

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Young people are moving to Mexico to offset the high cost of living in the US

On April 12th, Max Katz, President of Baja Real Estate Group, was interviewed by a reporter from ABC News 10 on a topic that’s caught the attention of the media and the public. That is the trend among young people from San Diego moving to Mexico to save money. The high prices of living and buying property in San Diego motivate many young workers, students, and professionals to move.

Katz, who specializes in properties in Rosarito and Ensenada, said he’d seen a growth in the younger demographic in the last couple of years. The Rosarito-Ensenada region has traditionally attracted retirees from California and around the US, a market that is still going strong. The cost of living in Mexico is 30-40% lower than in the US. The rising inflation rates in the US -7.5 to 8.5% so far this year- and the prohibitive housing costs of stateside properties mean there is no end in sight for the exodus.

Katz said the difference in home prices is massive. “You can get a waterfront home or condo in our area anywhere from 200 to 6 or 700 -would be a normal price range for our market- and that same property in San Diego would be in the millions for sure.”


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From Our Brokers

Family, friends, clients, and US Agents. When this is over, many people will return to the dream of purchasing their retirement home, beach house or just moving to the beach.

At Baja Real Estate Group Rosarito, we have the inventory and the prices.

Contact us to talk about how we can work together. Let’s start planning now. Let us tell you about the area. Maybe it’s time to put your US home on the market and cash out. Have your Realtor contact us.

Kathy & Max Katz
Baja Real Estate Group’s Brokers.

Baja Real Estate Videos

Maricela Carter takes us on an Open House tour of Unit 303, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom ocean view condo located in Tower Perla at La Jolla Del Mar. An ocean-front gated community with resort-like amenities, and beach access.

Larry French from the Baja Real Estate Group takes us on an open house video tour of yet another luxurious oceanfront property in Club Marena, Punta Marema 702. This high-end property features 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and the most amazing panoramic views from a wraparound condo on the Baja coast.

New Baja Real Estate Listings:

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Baja Lots & Land Listings:

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Calafia Point represents the ultimate opportunity in oceanfront housing development in a high-demand market like Rosarito Beach. Calafia Point enjoys beautiful ocean views, a solid foundation, and easy road access in a zone with all the services available.

3.03 acres

Calafia Community Lifestyle 

Calafia Condos
Calafia Condos

Located on K.M. 34.5 Tijuana-Ensenada Carretera Road of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Calafia is a well-established oceanfront gated community. A unique paradise, famous for its resort-like amenities like pet-friendly grounds, clubhouse, oceanfront walking paths, gyms, spas, sandy beach,  beautiful green areas, 24/7 Security, friendly neighbors, and most importantly, when you walk in and around the community, you have a great amount of peace and relaxation.

There is also a clubhouse that provides you with a complete ocean view, fully equipped (kitchen, bathrooms, and sitting area) along with an oceanfront view pool and fire pit. This area is great to get to know your neighbors and for creating small gatherings.

This community is welcoming to everyone, especially to those that enjoy running into people they know, making and sharing memories while looking at the gorgeous ocean. Let’s not leave out our pets that make friends as well, especially at the dog park.

At Calafia you are stress-free, it’s a community with singles, couples and families working and retired enjoying a slower pace of life.

One of the moments that I have seen and enjoyed the most when showing property is watching the whales giving us a show, jumping in the air or splashing, dolphins swimming, huge waves and the best of all, the sound of the waves that is relaxing, it’s like nothing else exist when you see and hear the waves, it is totally mesmerizing.

Written by Maricela Carter

For more information, please visit MY PROFILE

For some of us, 2020 has been a fast-paced year.  The Rosarito real estate market has maintained its momentum from last year and we’re seeing it throughout our inventory, with several of our listings being closed or currently in the selling process. This means our listings are not staying long in the market, so if you’re planning to sell your Baja property this is the time to do so.

This also means that if you’re planning to buy property in Baja, chances are, the perfect property listing you’re looking for might hit and leave the market without giving you an opportunity to even look at it.

With that in mind, we compiled a selection of our best listings for this month’s newsletter, as well as a couple of our open house videos.

Baja Real Estate Videos

Making her debut as a real estate agent, Maricela Carter takes us on an open house tour of unit 204, Tower-1 in Calafia Condos.

Kathy Katz hosts another open house tour, this time of home #44 El Mirador in Plaza Del Mar Club Section

Baja Real Estate Listings:

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#803 Palacio del Mar $ 349,000.00

#803 Palacio del Mar

$ 349,000.00

Located on the 8th floor of the gated community of Palacio Del Mar, this condo has an ocean view from every room. 10-foot-high ceilings, an open floor plan with panoramic glass patio sliders that open all the way to the sides making the terrace a seamless part of the living and dining areas.

2 beds 2 baths
Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display

Panoramic Luxury, all oceanfront bedrooms, more windows than wall, sunrise and sunset views

4000 sq ft 3 beds 3.5 baths

Sold Listings:

Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display

It’s the end of the year and Max Katz, broker, and owner of the Baja Real Estate Group gives us a snapshot of what has been 2019 in Baja.

2019 Year End Snapshot By Max Katz

Baja Real Estate Listings:

Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display Nothing to display

There are no other Residences with the east to west, wrap around, views like Punta Marena

4000 sq ft 3 beds 4 baths



If you’re thinking of buying a condo, there are lots of reasons why it might be a smart move right now. Condos have never been more popular, particularly with the aging Baby Boomer population, which is starting to downsize and move into homes that are easier to care for. As a result, condos are in high demand and appreciating faster than single-family homes in the US Market.

Key Advantages of Buying A Condo
Key Advantages of Buying A Condo

Here in Rosarito Beach Mexico, buying a condo has become a great option for the people looking to retire or planning the next phase of life. Many retirees look forward to traveling without the worries of maintaining a home, so the Condo lifestyle is a great option. Also, most Condos in the Rosarito beach area offer a variety of Amenities, from Movies theaters, indoor pools, Tennis courts, Walking areas and for the Dog lovers many condos have Dog Parks.

Families looking for a second home at the beach has also become a great option. Many call it their personal “Baja Getaway”. And what could be better than after a fun few days at the beach, to have the ability to lock up your home and go with no worries.

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Most people realize that moving to Baja will immediately help their finances and provide a unique opportunity to own oceanfront property. But you may not realize the many “challenges” you’ll face when moving to Baja, most of which will make your friends back in the States jealous.

Garden Unit in Club Marena
Garden Unit in Club Marena

Here are the “challenges” of moving to Baja:

Too much fun and travel. A round-trip from Baja to Puerta Vallarta costs around $200 and will get you there in about 90 minutes. The opportunity to visit fascinating destinations in Mexico, enjoy top-notch service and delicious food at affordable prices will make you forget about expensive U.S. travel. Other hot spots in Mexico include small old historic towns such as San Miguel Allende -voted No. 1 City in the “World’s Top Cities of 2017” Travel + Leisure List.- Mexican discount airlines such as Volaris and Interjet offer great rates year round, while Aeromexico is renowned for their unparalleled service.

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Practice some tricks of the trade: You wish to sell your home in Baja, and you´ve settled for an asking price. But, have you given any thought on how the house will look to strangers? The right look is as important as the right price when trying to sell a property.

Staging Your Home For Sale in Baja
Staging Your Home For Sale in Baja

That´s the reason professional staging services exist in the States. But we don’t have them here in Rosarito. So if you want to get top dollar for your house, you´ll have to go D.I.Y. Staging helps buyers visualize a property as their future home and increases the chances of them wanting to walk through a property they had seen online.

Studies have shown that a house decorated to a buyer’s tastes has a positive impact on it´s perceived value, while when the decoration displeases their taste, the perceived value of the house drops.

Since it´s impossible to guess the prospective client´s tastes, follow the golden rule: keep it simple.

Picture yourself as the buyer: you walk into this beautiful home with a nice ocean view and… your eye meets a knickknack… then a diploma… then photos scattered around.

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Being open minded, but aware of your needs and wants, is key to finding the right property at the right price in Baja

Many of us have a Champagne taste on a beer budget, which makes Rosarito Beach the place to buy when looking for Real estate in Mexico. But buying real estate in a foreign country can be tricky.

Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach
Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach

It may be straightforward at first: Figuring out your budget, searching online. As you go through several websites, you may find a property that catches your eye. So you take the trip down to Rosarito… And it turns out that “gorgeous house by the ocean” is on a remote dirt road, the rooms much smaller than what they seemed in pictures, the ocean only visible if you squint really hard.

You come to find out the property has been sitting there for two years without maintenance, and the price is not the same as advertised.

Needless to say, it is fundamental to get your information from a reputable agent and website.
“How much house…?”
Usually, our clients have a fairly good idea of their spending budget for real-estate. What they are not sure of, is how far their dollar will take them in Mexico.

Though the answer usually comes as a pleasant surprise, it is important to be aware of all the costs involved.

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The process in Mexico is different – in a great way

The Home ownership Process In Baja
The Home ownership Process In Baja

Your offer was accepted! Owning a home in Baja was not only a dream of yours, but a well-researched retirement strategy too. But even with all the information you have gathered about ownership in Mexico, you might have been unprepared for how different –and convenient, the process is here. From property taxes to the way the Bank Trust is set, everything works favorably for the homeowner and makes for an easy inheritance process too.

Heirs and beneficiaries

While filling out paperwork for a Bank Trust, one question probably struck you as odd: Beneficiary? Why do I need a beneficiary? It comes as a pleasant surprise to many Americans to know that in Mexico there is no Inheritance Tax (or “Death Tax”, as it´s known in the U.S.). Here, your beneficiaries are written into the Trust. In the event of your passing away, the Trust is transferred straight to these beneficiaries. Your U.S. Last Will and Testament does not have jurisdiction on properties located in Mexico.

In the case of a married couple with both on title, there is a right of survivor-ship, where the property will go to the surviving spouse. If both of you passed away, the property goes to your second beneficiary. The process is very simple for the heirs. A Mexican Notary can help through the paperwork (remember, these Mexican “Notarios” are government appointed attorneys, and all legal transactions must be signed in front of them.) Be aware that the Notary is also responsible for transferring title from one person to another.

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Heading down the Rosarito-Ensenada toll-free road, the Calafia towers are hard to miss. They have become a landmark of the coastal scenery, a sign of delightful surprises awaiting us: Pacific Ocean Views, mouthwatering lobster tacos, surf breaking at your toes, sea breeze.

Aerial View Of Calafia Condos
Aerial View Of Calafia Condos

While newer communities have come and gone amidst turmoil and scandal, Calafia Condos Resort & Villas stand tall, having become one of the most respected and stable private residential neighborhoods in Rosarito.

If you´ve never been to Calafia, there are many things you may not know about them.

The complex is almost 30 years old

  • It was the brainchild of a visionary group of architects and builders, who are still involved in the operation of the compound. Some considered it to be ahead of its time.
  • It started with a single tower, built in 1987. Tower 2 was built in 2006 and after an incredible boom, Tower 3 was built in 2012
  • It now holds 197 Number of units, and 36, single story villas
  • Whereas in the U.S. some people equate newer with better, in Mexico, structures built around the 1980´s are very coveted for their solid construction and comfortable layout
  • The lush gardens at Calafia are 30 years in the making

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