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Living on a beachfront resort is something many of us fantasize about, no matter our age. The smell of the sea in the air, the ocean a few steps away, and the sound of waves in the background while reading a book or falling asleep, will sometimes make your imagination run wild considering a life in a place where your day begins and ends with the crash of a wave.

Bajamar Community, Hotel , Resort & Golf Course
Bajamar Community, Hotel, Resort & Golf Course

Anyone who has ever traveled to Ensenada and has considered living by the beach has probably wondered what it would be like to live in Bajamar. The entrance to this golf resort community is unmistakable and eye-catching, giving you the impression of an oasis in the middle of the Baja desert.

A 40-minute drive from the San Ysidro border will bring you to an extension of over 1600 acres, the setting for one of the best-known golf resorts in Baja. Lagos, Vista, and Oceano are its 3 nine hole golf courses, plus its Putting Green, Chipping Green, Stadium Style Driving Range, and Pro Shop, which continually attract visitors mainly from California and Arizona, always delivering on promises of a good golfing experience followed by margaritas, good food, and a bed to catch up on some much-needed rest in the Hacienda Style Hotel, go for a swim or perhaps a round of tennis in the clubhouse.

Aside from its reputation for good golfing, Bajamar is currently adding to its real estate by expanding the number of homes within the resort with the Mission Coronado, Mission Padre Kino, Santa Barbara, and Oceano communities, plus the Costa Bajamar Luxury Condominiums towers. For those who prefer a custom home, Bajamar also offers lots for sale for home development up to 3 stories.

The question to answer now would be what is there to do outside of the resort?

A 20-minute drive will get you to Ensenada city, where you can find fine dining, movie theaters, grocery stores, museums, and a stop at the fish market is a must to stock up on seafood or for a taste of Ensenada’s delicious fish tacos and cocktails, visit the museums and the cultural center for art music and dance exhibitions. A few more minutes south you will arrive on Estero Beach, where you can participate in nearby deep sea diving, kayaking, whale watching, scuba diving, jet skiing, and several other activities including La Bufadora.

Wine lovers will enjoy the closeness of Bajamar to Guadalupe Valley, home to several of Mexico’s most important wine houses, Casa Domeq, L.A. Cetto Monte Xanic, as well as other smaller wine producers such as Baron Balche, Casa de Piedra and many more; some of which offer tours and tastings, others have B&B’s, horseback riding and camping facilities. The Wine Valley also offers several restaurants for a varied culinary experience.

North of Bajamar you will find several beaches known for great surfing, one such place is Km 38 complete with surf shops and tacos. The sand dunes will appear to your left as you approach Puerto Nuevo, famously known for its lobster and the location of over 20 restaurants of diverse culinary expertise. As you get closer to Rosarito you arrive at Popotla, where you can buy fish and have a meal at one of its 18 restaurants or visit Xploration at Baja Studios, the Cinemagic tour, Titanic Museu, Xmen Exhibit, Las Olas Amphitheater plus much more.

A few minutes north, there is Rosarito Beach, known for its restaurants, beaches, and light life, but also provides cultural entertainment, with guitar and dance recitals at the Baja California Cultural Institute (ICBC). Food festivals are also common places like the Lobster Festival or the Beer and Taco Festival. For Beach lovers, there is the annual event Mexicali en la Playa, which brings together the sun, sand music, and ports.

Baja has much to offer under the sun or moon, wet or dry, both indoors and out; no matter the age or activity preference, for individuals or families. Beaches, mountains, deserts, the scorching heat of the Mexicali valley and the snow-topped sierras in winter time; national parks, lakes, woods, vineyards, the cold Pacific, and de warm of the Sea of Cortes; all of this is your back yard when your living in Baja, the possibilities are endless, the only limit, your imagination.