It might not come to mind at first. But that´s the key, high-end Real Estate in Baja is like a well-kept secret within a well-to-do family, something only a few are privy to, like the name of a great caterer or a very exclusive soirée.

High-End Real Estate
High-End Real Estate

The Baja Riviera boasts an amazing offering of high-end properties that satisfy the needs, wants, and whims of the most discerning real estate clientele.

Luxury finishings, private locations, 24-hour security, custom design, and décor, are among the features of properties in this range. Oftentimes, concierge services complement the resort experience.

The combination of the charming old heritage architectural style and the top-of-line amenities, with the clear financial advantages of investing on Mexican Real Estate, have made this the area of choice for a small, discreet, and privileged set of buyers.

“In years past, clients that were originally looking at Puerto Vallarta or Cabo for their luxury home purchase have turned to Northern Baja, and ended up acquiring property in the Rosarito -Ensenada strip”, says Max Katz, Owner of the Baja Real Estate Group. “We first noticed this trend about three years ago. However, in the last year, we have sold more premium homes and penthouses, than in all of the last 6 years combined”.