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Max Katz, Broker and Owner of Baja Real Estate Group, gives us his 2016 end-of-year snapshot for the Real Estate Market in Mexico and Baja.

Hi, I’m Max Katz, Broker/Owner for the Baja Real Estate Group. We’re at the end of another year.

2016 was not the best year for our peso, but it was the best year for tourism over the last 6 years, with real estate sales right behind.

We are proud to say our agents are currently booking clients for the holidays and well into 2017.

The elections did not hurt the Baja real estate market. If anything, buyers who were sitting on the sidelines, are now moving forward with their decision to buy. There is a general feeling that “the time is right”.

Members of our active expat community are happier than ever to live in Baja and are so welcoming that new residents find the move to Mexico easier than they thought.

We have talked about bank-owned property that hit the market over the last year. The good news is real estate prices weren’t affected, and in many communities, home prices are on the rise, and values stabilizing.

Lot sales, remodels and new homes are still solid. Communities like Puerta Del Mar have more homes under construction or on the books than in the last five years, which not only helps current home values in the community, it is also a great boost for the local economy.

We at the Baja Real Estate Group are glad to have strong agents on the ground to help our clients plan and go through the process of buying and or building.

We also have a substantial list of referrals for just about anything our customers need to make their purchase smooth and successful.

For 2017, we have great ideas and marketing plans. We have been building a great referral network with US agents and realtors from other areas of Mexico.

Our sellers are going to see more videos and attractive content.

As for the past fifteen years, we at Baja Real Estate Group are grateful for you, our customers, who have let us into your lives. We share an exceptional relationship with many of our clients and have walked with them through important life stages and changes, with the magnificent Rosarito scenery as a backdrop for our friendship.

Thanks for being a part of our family, and letting us be a part of yours. We wish you a Happy Holiday, and a New Year full of joy, health, and abundance.

I’m Max Katz. See you soon.


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