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Baja HOA: What does it cover? …and will you make use of it? When looking at ownership in Baja, buyers must take into consideration what their monthly expenses are going to be.

HOA Fees
HOA Fees

Property taxes, bank trust fees, and insurance at set fees. But the fee that could make a difference is your monthly HOA. This could work to your advantage. Meaning, you can choose your community wisely, so you only pay for the amenities you want and will enjoy.

So the question is: Are the added amenities worth the cost?
Older developments in Baja usually offer more green areas, oceanfront boardwalks, and beach access. For many of our clients, these are well worth any added cost.

Other places, such as the Condos at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, provide extra discounts on amenities. They also have built-in property management, which is nice for investors looking for lifestyle and value. While gated communities and oceanfront spas and pools are the norm in Baja, buyers should always be aware of what they are paying for. Generally speaking, more pools, Jacuzzis, and tennis courts mean higher fees.

If those amenities are useful to you -or to frequent visitors, such as grandkids and other family members, then the answer is simple: they are well worth the cost. But if you really don´t need three swimming pools and a luxury gym, then there is no need to fork the extra cash.

When you purchase a home in Baja, you already have the advantage of lower taxes and living expenses. So this is just another way to save more –and enjoy more too.
Now, you might have questions about how a Homeowners Association in Mexico operates. HOAs here work much the same way as in the US. They are formed by Counsels, and the finances are available for anyone in to community to review.

They take care of the maintenance of common areas, landscaping, and security. They often organize social activities. Being involved is a good way of meeting people and keeping active.

HOAs here set regulations for the community, but generally don´t make a nuisance. This comes as a welcome respite for many of our American clients, who used to get notices for everything, from leaving the trashcan out on an extra day, to having a small gathering at their place. To the surprise of many, this “leniency” does not affect the overall look or atmosphere of a community. Believe me. In the best communities, an HOA will be strict where it needs to be. But the perfect balance between efficiency, service, and goodwill is what makes Baja feel like home.

From the Baja Real Estate Group Marketing Staff. For more information, please contact Kathy Katz at

Kathy Katz
Kathy Katz

About Kathy Katz.
AMPI Charter Member-Rosarito Chapter Mexican Certified Baja Real Estate Agent Full Time Resident for over 20 years. Broker-owner for the Baja Real Estate Group with over 20 years of experience doing business in Mexico. Specializing in development, resort, and retirement properties.


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