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Construction of a Major New Elevated Road and Shopping Mall will Benefit Rosarito Homeowners

Tijuana and Playas de Tijuana are about to experience a significant infrastructure upgrade. The future Elevated Viaduct (Viaducto Elevado) will significantly improve waiting times at the border and expedite traffic to Playas de Tijuana. At the same time, the new Peninsula shopping center is a welcome addition to the Baja lifestyle. These projects are exciting news for Rosarito and Ensenada homeowners, who stand to gain from better mobility and more entertainment and shopping options than ever.

Construction will cost an estimated 8 thousand 437 million Mexican pesos (around 469 Million USD ) from the Mexican government and a customs fiduciary fund. The Elevated Viaduct will be almost 8 miles long, connecting the vehicular flow from Tijuana Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport with Playas de Tijuana, the Northernmost coastal town in the Rosarito-Ensenada Road.

The new road will also link with the Cañon del Matadero area, easing vehicular flow around the border crossing. The project includes supporting structures such as tunnels, false tunnels, and bridges. According to Jorge Nuño Lara, Head of the Ministry of Communications and Transport Infrastructure (SICT, by its Spanish acronym), construction will kick off at the beginning of May.
The Viaduct will also connect with the border checkpoint El Chaparral and Puerta México East. Once the road opens, it will relieve the flow of vehicles heading East, toward Tecate Customs, and West, to Ensenada, through the Tijuana-Rosarito road, expediting commercial transit.

“If you come from Otay heading to Playas de Tijuana or Rosarito, you will spend less time sitting in traffic; this will impact the adjoining roads and benefit users’ mobility,” commented Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California. The Ministry of National Defense designed the project, which has been praised for its well-planned structure. Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

Shopping in Style

Tijuana also experienced an exciting architectural milestone with the opening of the Peninsula shopping center in December 2023. With over 40 retailers, including iconic European and American brands, a Mexican flagship store, restaurants, bars, and a movie theater, the enclave promises to become Baja’s entertainment and lifestyle epicenter.

“Our residents are stoked,” says Max Katz, President of Baja Beachfront Realty Group. “They used to drive to San Diego to shop for clothes, but now they can access fast-fashion brands without crossing the border.” Trendy European retailers such as Zara, Pull & Bear, and Massimo Dutti are already open, as well as American staples H&M, Petco, and Lego. There’s also a movie theater and plans for Tijuana’s first 5-star hotel, residential condos, and even a hospital. Mexico’s high-end department store, Liverpool, also has a presence. Anecdotal reports from some shoppers say that prices at Tijuana shops are 25% lower than in the US.

“More infrastructure is always positive for the Rosarito-Ensenada region, where you can buy an oceanfront home starting in the high $300k, concluded Katz.

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Young people are moving to Mexico to offset the high cost of living in the US

On April 12th, Max Katz, President of Baja Real Estate Group, was interviewed by a reporter from ABC News 10 on a topic that’s caught the attention of the media and the public. That is the trend among young people from San Diego moving to Mexico to save money. The high prices of living and buying property in San Diego motivate many young workers, students, and professionals to move.

Katz, who specializes in properties in Rosarito and Ensenada, said he’d seen a growth in the younger demographic in the last couple of years. The Rosarito-Ensenada region has traditionally attracted retirees from California and around the US, a market that is still going strong. The cost of living in Mexico is 30-40% lower than in the US. The rising inflation rates in the US -7.5 to 8.5% so far this year- and the prohibitive housing costs of stateside properties mean there is no end in sight for the exodus.

Katz said the difference in home prices is massive. “You can get a waterfront home or condo in our area anywhere from 200 to 6 or 700 -would be a normal price range for our market- and that same property in San Diego would be in the millions for sure.”


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Max Katz, Broker and Owner of the Baja Real Estate Group, recaps what 2014 was like for the Baja Real Estate Group as a brokerage and an update on the current Mexico real estate market on Northern Baja.

Hi! Max Katz here with the Baja Real Estate Group.

Once again we’re recapping our past year, 2014 ended with a bang!  We were Voted 2014’s Baja’s best Real Estate office by Baja Good Life Club.

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  1. Pocket Listings Not The Way To Go In Mexico
    Pocket Listings Not The Way To Go In Mexico

    The upward trend in the real estate market in Rosarito-Ensenada and more stringent capital gains laws put a damper on “For Sale by Owner” and Unlisted Properties
  2. Changes in capital gains laws warrant the use of a knowledgeable real estate agent when conducting transactions in México
  3. Changes in capital gains laws in México make for a more robust real estate market in Rosarito-Ensenada
  4. “Unlisted Properties” and “For-Sale by Owner” are not the way to go when you go to Rosarito

As Mexico´s´ real estate market continues to recover, real estate laws have changed, making operations such as “For Sale by Owner” and “Unlisted Properties” not the best strategy for buying and selling properties in this country.

The real estate market in the Rosarito-Ensenada Coast is still moving steadily up and gaining momentum. HGTV recently aired two episodes portraying American buyers as they acquire their dream properties in Rosarito; there is talk about new developments coming and inventory under $200,000 is becoming scarcer every day.

There is a growing trend of Americans packing up and moving to Mexico, looking for a better lifestyle at a lower price. All in all, Rosarito is proving to be a good investment for retirement and second homes.

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ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA. On Sunday, June 8th. HGTV’s House Hunters International aired an episode that featured a couple looking to buy a home in Rosarito Beach.

Kathy Katz, Baja Real Estate Group’s Broker, was given the mission to look for the perfect home for this couple. It all started at Susanna’s Restaurant in Downtown Rosarito Beach where Kathy met them. Brunela and Jaime Iribarren were looking to buy an ocean-view home that could accommodate their two beautiful daughters, Jaime’s passion for surfing, and all of this while working with a very specific budget. Location and a compromise on lifestyle amenities were the key factors.

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Save the dates and set your TV to Record HGTV’s House Hunters International as they come to Rosarito Beach, Mexico. June 8th and June 18th at 7:30pm Pacific time and 10:30pm Eastern time.

HGTV in Rosarito Beach
HGTV in Rosarito Beach

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO. Rosarito Beach, México, a rising oceanfront destination for foreigners looking to live or retire into a diversity of activities, food, and a beach-oriented lifestyle, is set to become a featured destination through the eyes, or should we say lens, of one of Real Estate’s most influential Cable TV shows: HGTV’s House Hunters International.

Just before the New Year, Leopards Films sent their film crew consisting of a producer, camera woman and sound technician to Rosarito Beach, México, to film, not one but two episodes of House Hunters International for HGTV. “It was a very exciting moment.”- Says Kathy Katz, talking about the time when she got a phone call from House Hunters International in which they told her they were interested in the Rosarito coastal area. Kathy Katz along with her husband Max Katz are Broker-Owners of the Baja Real Estate Group, a leading Mexico real estate brokerage located in Rosarito Beach.

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