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Save the dates and set your TV to Record HGTV’s House Hunters International as they come to Rosarito Beach, Mexico. June 8th and June 18th at 7:30pm Pacific time and 10:30pm Eastern time.

HGTV in Rosarito Beach
HGTV in Rosarito Beach

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO. Rosarito Beach, México, a rising oceanfront destination for foreigners looking to live or retire into a diversity of activities, food, and a beach-oriented lifestyle, is set to become a featured destination through the eyes, or should we say lens, of one of Real Estate’s most influential Cable TV shows: HGTV’s House Hunters International.

Just before the New Year, Leopards Films sent their film crew consisting of a producer, camera woman and sound technician to Rosarito Beach, México, to film, not one but two episodes of House Hunters International for HGTV. “It was a very exciting moment.”- Says Kathy Katz, talking about the time when she got a phone call from House Hunters International in which they told her they were interested in the Rosarito coastal area. Kathy Katz along with her husband Max Katz are Broker-Owners of the Baja Real Estate Group, a leading Mexico real estate brokerage located in Rosarito Beach.

“I saw it as a great opportunity to share our hidden secret of Mexico known as Rosarito. We don’t get the exposure that other areas of Mexico get. Partly because we are a drive-to destination, neighboring Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Well that is about to change,” Kathy says excitedly.

As full time residents of Rosarito and raising two bi-cultural children of their own. Kathy & Max Katz feel that as House Hunters International airs these two episodes it will share with the world, a more trustworthy view of the area, the real estate opportunities, the laidback lifestyle and the great weather they enjoy, more and more people will come and see for themselves why it is such a great destination. A destination that is been a safe haven to many retirees, second-home buyers and surfers alike for many years but is not as well-known as Los Cabos, Cancún or Puerto Vallarta.

When asked about the show’s storyline Kathy said: “While I can’t tell you much, I can tell you, we started out on our lifestyle search in the courtyard of Susanna’s Restaurant and the rest is just a Northern Baja dream”.

Kathy and company will be watching nervously Sunday at one of the many fast-growing gourmet restaurants in the Rosarito area: Mule 61, located in South Rosarito.



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