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Being open-minded, but aware of your needs and wants, is key to finding the right property at the right price in Baja

Many of us have a Champagne taste on a beer budget, which makes Rosarito Beach the place to buy when looking for Real estate in Mexico. But buying real estate in a foreign country can be tricky.

Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach
Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach

It may be straightforward at first: Figuring out your budget, searching online. As you go through several websites, you may find a property that catches your eye. So you take the trip down to Rosarito… And it turns out that “gorgeous house by the ocean” is on a remote dirt road, the rooms much smaller than what they seemed in pictures, the ocean only visible if you squint really hard.

You come to find out the property has been sitting there for two years without maintenance, and the price is not the same as advertised.

Needless to say, it is fundamental to get your information from a reputable agent and website.
“How much house…?”
Usually, our clients have a fairly good idea of their spending budget for real estate. What they are not sure of, is how far their dollar will take them in Mexico.

Though the answer usually comes as a pleasant surprise, it is important to be aware of all the costs involved.

Whenever clients ask how much they can expect to spend on a property in Baja, I tell them to make a list.

What are your must haves? Two bedrooms, an ocean view? Maybe you want a garden, maybe a garage? Then, arrange for a tour.

Don´t be surprised if once you come to Rosarito and visit different communities, you change your mind about the kind of property that´s right for you. Many a client of BREG has come looking for a condo, and ended up happily buying a house -and vice versa.

Recently, I met Colby and Laural, a lovely couple from Arizona. They had spent lots of time in Puerto Peñasco and had a deep love for Baja, so they decided to explore Rosarito.

From their previous research, they had made up their minds about the area they wanted to live in, and about buying a house and not in condo. Both Rose, one of our BREG agents, and me, took them on an extensive tour of the different homes, developments, and communities, so they could form a more thorough opinion of their options. Our last condo stop was at Club Marena. Lo and behold, they fell in love with the community. They ended up spending a bit more than they planned, but still got a steal of a deal.

So be open-minded, know your limits, and don’t worry. In the 20-plus years I have been working as a real estate agent in Baja, I have never heard anyone regret their decision to buy in Mexico. On the contrary, the usual comment is: “I should have moved sooner!”

From the Baja Real Estate Group Marketing Staff. For more information, please contact Kathy Katz at

Kathy Katz
Kathy Katz

About Kathy Katz.
AMPI Charter Member-Rosarito Chapter Mexican Certified Baja Real Estate Agent Full Time Resident for over 20 years. Broker-owner for the Baja Real Estate Group with over 20 years of experience doing business in Mexico. Specializing in development, resort and retirement properties.


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